Your first (or any!) branding photo shoot can be an exhilarating yet daunting experience. It’s your opportunity to showcase your brand’s essence, personality, and soul. 

So how does one really prepare for THAT? 

That’s why I’m here to help! This blog post is dedicated to prepping you and your wardrobe for your branding session, ensuring you look and feel your best. 

Let’s dive into how to prepare for your shoot:

Confidence is Your Best Outfit

First and foremost, wear something that makes you feel confident. This cannot be overstressed. Confidence comes from within, and when you wear an outfit that enhances and highlights your inner confidence, it shines through the lens unmistakably. Remember, an uncomfortable outfit can distract and detract from the focus of your shoot. So, choose outfits that not only look good but feel good to wear. When choosing clothing colors, be mindful to wear things that compliment your branding color scheme. When in doubt, neutrals always work!

The Magic of Accessories and Layers

Adding variety to your branding images can be as simple as bringing along a selection of accessories and layering items. A hat, a jacket, a sweater, a scarf, sunglasses, or even a small prop like a water bottle or a mug can transform your photos. This trick is straightforward yet effective in providing a diverse array of looks for your branding imagery. It’s wise to have more items on hand than you think you’ll need. A change of shoes or adding a toque can instantly shift the seasonality or feel of an image, adding a rich layer of versatility to your photo shoot.

Self-Care and Rest: Your Pre-Shoot Ritual

The preparation for your branding photo session begins the night before. Ensuring you get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, and take care of yourself leading up to the shoot is always a worthwhile investment. I highly recommend using a good moisturizer to ensure your skin looks dewy, glowy, and vibrant. Taking good care of yourself not only feels great but also enhances your photos and your overall experience.

Other Tips:

Steamers: Investing in a handheld steamer to smooth out any wrinkles in your clothes can make a huge difference in how polished your final images look. There are many affordable and effective steamers available online and in stores. It’s a small step that can have a big impact on your branding photos.

On-Location Items: 
 If you’re shooting on location, it’s wise to bring along some essentials to ensure you’re prepared for any scenario. A Tide to Go or any stain remover can save the day in case of unexpected spills. Don’t forget deodorant and a toothbrush to freshen up throughout the shoot. Being prepared means you can focus on the shoot without worrying about the little things.

And when in doubt…

The Branding Boarding Pass is your pre-shoot compass!

I understand the importance of preparation and intention in branding photography and that’s why I offer my clients my Branding Boarding Pass, a unique tool designed to guide you through all the elements of preparing for your branding photo session. 

This resource helps you thoughtfully incorporate aspects of your life, business, props, and wardrobe into your session. It’s all about highlighting what works for you, showcasing what you want to discuss, and reflecting your identity as an entrepreneur and the spirit of your business.

Lastly. if you’re needing some extra encouragement and brainstorming, don’t hesitate to schedule a one-on-one planning session with me.Together, we’ll go over your Branding Boarding Pass and address any uncertainties you may have. 

Preparing for a branding photo session can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and support, the process can be straightforward and even enjoyable. By choosing to work with me. you’re not just gaining access to a photographer; you’re partnering with someone who supports and guides you through the entire planning process. You are never alone in this journey!

Let’s make your branding photo shoot a seamless, empowering experience that truly captures the essence of your brand!