Highlighting human connection within your brand

At the heart of my craft lies the deep understanding that your brand is more than just a product or headshot of your pretty face—it’s more like a beautiful perspective that deserves to be seen, felt, and cherished. That’s why I approach marketing with a strategic eye, where every image is thoughtfully created with your brand’s story and business goals in mind.

Intentional, goal-focused brand photography

You know those lightbulb moments that spark so much joy and you just know it’ll change the course of your life path? Those serendipitous moments that end up being the gateway to a profound sense of purpose? (Aka, the place where connection and impact meet?)

Photography and a love for supporting other entrepreneurs was mine.

My journey began back in university as I dabbled in wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photography…you name it, I shot it! When a new creative venture blossomed in 2020, I discovered the power of combining my storytelling abilities with my entrepreneurial spirit. Fast forward a year later, life presented me with the next chapter: a move from Edmonton, AB to the Okanagan. It didn’t take long to realize where my soul felt right at home.

Now I partner with incredible local businesses to bring their visions to life through intentional brand photography. I also provide creative guidance and support, whether it’s through providing caption prompts, suggesting ways to use the visuals, or offering advice on content strategy. Nothing brings me greater joy than empowering others to uncover their purpose—and to confidently share their stories with the world. 

I’m Ashley—your new creative friend and partner in thoughtful branding


What I believe in

I believe in the transformative potential of imagery, where a single photo has the ability to inspire, empower, and leave an incredible impact on the world. Imagery that awakens the soul and breathes life into your brand’s potential.

I believe that every person and every business is born with a purpose. There is power of authenticity and being your truest self. Storytelling is art and we all have stories worth sharing. The magic that comes with creative collaboration is unparalleled. There is strength in community, when humans come together to lift each other up. 

  • My @discochickinn coop with our growing flock
  • Happy mail packages
  • Exploring my community in Lake Country and the Scenic Sip trail
  • Aligned creative partnerships 
  • Volunteering with the Oyama Community Club
  • Handmade treasures and thrift finds
  • Time spent on the water 

What lights me up

you too? we have to meet!

  • Quiet weekend mornings & blues brunch with my husband, Kyle 
  • Getting my fingers in the dirt and caring for my plants
  • Spending time with family (I love being an auntie)
  • Leading my weekly @oyamafitness classes
  • Personal development and self growth
  • My two sassy Yorkies, Winnie and Jack
  • Shopping small and supporting local businesses


I maintain laser focus on delivering results that go beyond surface-level aesthetics. Whether it's lifestyle shots or product photography, you’ll feel a sense of artistry in every image.

let's get started!


In a visually saturated world, it’s important to go beyond the ordinary to truly stand out! I encourage curiosity, exploration, and new perspectives—both literally and figuratively. 


By infusing deep thought into every aspect of our approach, I aim to deliver imagery that not only showcases your products or services but also reflects the values, stories, and experiences that define your brand.


When you choose me as your branding photographer, you can trust that I will provide you with a collection of images that are not only visually stunning but also easy to integrate into your content strategy. 

What you can expect

  • Letting go of perfectionism. Embracing what is. Not to overthink things. Trust the process.

  • Treading lightly on this planet and embracing sustainable practices.

  • Exploring the beauty of this country that I'm proud to call home and sharing it with others. 

Other things I’m learning and loving

  • How to be more patient and gentle with myself.

  • Embarking on culinary adventures to new local places. Food in all forms and lots of wine! 

  • My daily Spanish lessons - this is a lifelong passion and I'm so happy that I continue to expand my skills and practice when I travel. 

  • Embracing my inner artist and finding new ways to express and create. 

Here’s to a creative partnership like no other

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